This Book is a Must Read for Every CEO

Being a CEO is about Guardianship, Stewardship and Responsibility. It involves having the courage to do whatever is demanded, taking the initiative whenever it is required, applying the judgement and experience to back it up, consistently following it through and reliably getting it done.

The world has changed. New realities and opportunities are refocusing business into a clearer purpose: To attract, create and retain customers that repeatedly return, refer, recommend and reinforce reputations. The No. 1 responsibility of a CEO is to introduce strategic Game-Changers that accomplish this and make profit in the process. These concise, insightful notes support fulfilment of that responsibility.

This book shares simple but powerful wisdoms to just become that bit better.
Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Colin Turner’s 88 Notes for CEOs is a compelling compilation of insightful thoughts and courageous choices all leaders must make in this challenging consumer centric age.
Angela Ahrendts, CEO, Burberry

Incisive, relevant, inspiring - this is a book to keep at your side and continually delve into. No-one understands the DNA of the successful CEO like Colin Turner.
Ian Gibbon, Chairman, Alliotts



This insightful book is a must read for every CEO.
Angela Brav, CEO REurope, InterContinental Hotel Group

Colin has that rare ability to summarize and present the essential structure and must-haves of modern business. His new book is another excellent example of his unique laser-sharp thinking.
Doctor George Nagy, CEO, EuroGate

For busy CEOs who seldom have time to read and digest weighty business tomes, Colin’s latest book will come as a breath of fresh air. He is a master at crystallizing nuggets of business wisdom into a few short sentences. His words enlighten, inspire and motivate. Enjoy a chapter a day and keep the business blues away!
Gordon Beattie, Chairman, Beattie Communications Group

As insightful as ever, simplifying the business world so we can understand what we should be doing, removing the interference in our thoughts. Great book.
Stephen Hucklesby, CEO, Paragon Automotive Group

My interest in Colin was sparked by his weekly CEO Bullet; each missive was delightfully concise, simple and relevant, yet penetratingly thoughtful, stimulating and challenging. The hallmark of anyone at the top of their game is the ability to distil and communicate complexity into simplicity. The impact of Colin’s input has been material and that we have been able to sustain the shift to a higher level of strategic and operational ability is a credit to Colin, his insight and the sheer energy he brings to a CEO and teams.
Rick de Blaby, CEO, MEPC

Colin has a rare ability to communicate, provide insight and assists others in developing themselves' to their full capabilities. Colin doesn't do theory. He does reality and experience hence why this book must be such compulsive reading for any CEO, aspiring CEO or entrepreneurial business owner.
Adam Pritchard, CEO, The Simply Great Drinks Company

In our time of increasing complexity, speed and uncertainty, Colin Turner has an amazing ability to simplify the world. He reminds us of our responsibilities and deciphers the challenges we face as business leaders, then provides the lessons to succeed. I have no doubt any CEO, of any business will achieve by studying and applying his teachings, as I have.
Shane Tickell, CEO, IMS Maxims

I have found Colin’s work, from meetings through to his books, to be immensely valuable in refocusing with real clarity of thought on the key issues that we all need to address in running our businesses.
Simon Inchley, CEO, Gresham Private Equity

As ever, Colin's ideas are thought provoking, insightful and startlingly simple.
Ivan Gould, CEO, Buckinghamshire Building Society

Seems like hundreds of things come across my desk every day – Colin’s insights have helped me sort out what is just trivia; what he would call STUFF and what are the important ones to deal with, focusing on our strategy and what makes our business succeed.
Chris Smallwood, CEO, 2Plan Wealth Management

This book represents the Tao of business: simplicity, understanding and economy of the right activity - all leading to a greater insight of what is truly important.
Dominic Davenport, CEO, Escape Studios

Insightful and intelligent. A bite sized resource with plenty of fizz.
James Berresford, CEO, Visit England

Professor Turner is well grounded from his life experience and his depth of understanding of human nature, enabling him to galvanize people around an action plan. He has made a massive difference to how we think, how we connect strategy with operations and above all how we think about customers. His CEO Bullets are a regular topic of conversation among management who appreciate how they simplify things in a world of complexity. This book has the magic dust.
Pat McGillycuddy, CEO, Gazeley

This book is packed full of highly concentrated little nuggets of wisdom - each one, a fresh source of inspiration. Colin succinctly identifies the areas that CEOs should focus on and provides the insight and clarity required for action.
Adam Graham, CEO, Weapon 7. Chair, BIMA

Colin’s insights clarify a complex world. They are revealing, inspiring and compelling; provoking action to make a difference.
Doctor Gary Wield, CEO, Genactis

The difference when you read a Colin Turner book compared to many other business books is that he has been there and done it and succeeded – many times. So you know the content is reliable and it is worth your time and input. This is another classic brimming with credible ideas to help your business.
Darryl Cooke, Co-Founder GunnerCooke; Author of Private Equity: Law & Practice

Colin’s new book provides a self-help manual for CEO’s
Michelle Feeney, CEO, PZCussons Beauty

Professor Colin Turner has the rare ability to root his business insights firmly in the practical, while delivering inspiration and vision. His business knowledge is extensive and he enables others to achieve way beyond their own expectations.
Ray Auvray, Chairman, Prospects Group

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