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CEO Trusted Advisor, Trouble-Shooter & Mentor...

Professor Colin Turner is listed as one of The World's Top Business Gurus...

with a No. 1 World-Wide Ranking from the FT.

As a Thought-Leader and Practitioner, he is the...

Creator of The Psychology of Corporate Entrepreneurship;

Founder of The One Percent Solution (T-O-P-S);

Prolific Author of Best-selling Books published in 45 languages;

7 of his books were in the top 100 in Japan - including No. 1;

Founder of 3 multi-million pound companies from start-up;

Former President of a Nasdaq Listed Company;

UK Authority on developing Corporate Entrepreneurship;

Colin holds Trusted Advisor Status with CEO clients.

'A leading authority on success, business, management and lifestyle' - TIME

'Turner creates positive results for business' - London Evening Standard



“Providing the ideas, insights and initiatives CEOs really want...

and reliably making them happen” 


Introducing and Facilitating Game-Changers that Grow Your Company.

Simplifying Strategic Planning and Gaining Buy-in for Objectives.

Resolving Complex Challenges with Lateral Resolution Thinking.

Proposing Resourceful Innovative Marketing and Winning Headlines.

Providing Incisive Feedback and Developing Unified Focus.

Delivering Inspirational Presentations Giving Impact to Your Messages.


"Europe’s foremost teacher for success" - BUSINESS AGE

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