What distinguishes leaders/winners long-term is the way they think and their attitudes. Winners don't get more opportunities, they create them. Colin shares the simple wisdoms that get you there.

Paul Polman
CEO, Unilver

For busy CEOs who seldom have time to read and digest weighty business tomes, Colin’s latest book will come as a breath of fresh air. He is a master at crystallizing nuggets of business wisdom into a few short sentences. His words enlighten, inspire and motivate. Enjoy a chapter a day and keep the business blues away!

Gordon Beattie
Chairman, Beattie Communications

It is really a terrific message and so clearly and simply communicated, CEOs as “game-changers to make a difference" is a powerful vision to be wholeheartedly embraced, and “A Brave New Business World” a brilliant guide to enable.

Angela Ahrendts
CEO, Burberry

Professor Turner is well grounded from his life experience and his depth of understanding of human nature, enabling him to galvanize people around an action plan. He has made a massive difference to how we think, how we connect strategy with operations and above all how we think about customers. His CEO Bullets are a regular topic of conversation among management who appreciate how they simplify things in a world of complexity.

Pat McGillycuddy
CEO, Gazeley

Colin's work truly delivers measurable value

Angela Brav
CEO, InterContinental Group Europe

Thank you Colin, that is just what we wanted.

Kieran Kirby
CEO, GAB Robins UK

Colin has done an excellent job. His tailor-made keynote speech at our international Senior Management Meeting was very inspiring and highly esteemed.

Robert Bornträger
CEO Group IT SIX Group, Zurich, Switzerland

I have absolutely no hesitation at all in endorsing Colin Turner. His energy, drive, challenging input, creative thinking and practical strategies over a 12 month period were certainly instrumental in our company significantly altering both our management and marketing perspective that ultimately supported our mission to be no. 1 in our industry. I had the choice between the Big Four Consulting Firms or Colin Turner – I made the right choice – we doubled our profits in twelve months.

Ken Moran,
Chairman and CEO, Pfizer UK

The T-O-P-S Brain-Storming Session that Colin prepared and facilitated for us captured more with 90 executives in 90 minutes than in 90 days of planning. The succinct report and recommendations that we received 7 days later was extremely valuable in relation to introducing a structured platform for innovation.

Eric Chartrain
CEO EMEA, International Paper

Colin’s insights clarify a complex world.

Dr. Gary Wield

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