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“A first class informative keynote, Colin really does his research.”

Michael Fleisher, President, Gartner


“His thought-provoking presentation set a very positive and participative atmosphere”

Edward Creasy, Group CEO, KILN Group PLC


Leading Motivational Speaker, Colin Turner, will deliver an

inspiring keynote that will raise the excellence of your people.


To make the best impact for the Messages You Wish to Share.

Colin Turner’s Dynamic, Motivational, Highly Inspirational and Thought-Provoking Keynote Speeches deliver tangible results.

He understands the challenges that face business in the modern economy and knows how to significantly increase growth.

He will help your people to challenge perceptions, realign their thinking and introduce game-changing ideas and insights.

His book: Passion vs Pension: Developing Corporate Entrepreneurship

is the definitive guide for creating Entrepreneurial Leadership.




Example of Keynote Presentation:

Raising Excellence With Corporate Entrepreneurship

Though every business has its origins in entrepreneurship, such agile thinking is often forgotten. In current turbulent times it is vital to develop those same entrepreneurial leadership skills that were instrumental in the founding and successful growth of their business.

Such attributes are essential for learning from the experience that current challenges demand; for harnessing the resources to achieve common goals; for re-energizing existing valuable talent, maximizing value opportunities; growing revenue and winning new business.

This high-impact keynote speaker will share thought-provoking concepts and provide cutting-edge practical tools including…

Your Delegates will discover...

  • The Prime Directive of the New Corporate Entrepreneur.

  • Two Perceptions that Must-Be-Changed by Business today.

  • Two Principles of Entrepreneurial Leadership to sustain growth.

  • The People Strategy for New Business Development.


“The feedback for your excellent contribution was the most positive received”
Julian James, Worldwide Markets, Lloyds of London
“Colin Turner’s interactive absorbing presentation for our Forum was outstanding.”
David Pulman, President GMS, GlaxoSmithKline

Thought Leader and Practitioner Colin Turner is the author of 22 books published in 45 languages; the creator of programs, including The Psychology of Corporate Entrepreneurship and The 1% Solution that transforms companies from the way they hold meetings to how they innovate; the former President of Nasdaq Listed Futuremedia plc; Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Theseus International Management Institute now part of leading Business School, EDHEC; and Founder of 3 multi-million pound enterprises.

  1. Europe’s No. 1 Expert Trusted Advisor for facilitating Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership.
  2. His Strategic Game-Changers and Guiding Insights Resolve Challenges and Raise Excellence.
  3. He is the Founder of the unique Online Free Resource for CEOs.
  4. His weekly missive: The Colin Turner CEO Bullet is subscribed to by over 5,000 CEOs.
  5. His articles and comments for business appear on Sky, Bloomberg, the FT and Business Journals.
"Leading authority on success, business, management and life-style" - TIME

His inspirational and thought-provoking keynote presentations that impart your messages to your people with the best impact to ensure motivation, reinforced with downloads to sustain follow-through action.

Skill-Set to benefit your business:


Introducing and Facilitating Game-Changers that Grow Your Company.

Simplifying Strategic Planning and Gaining Buy-in for Objectives.

Resolving Complex Challenges with Lateral Resolution Thinking.

Proposing Resourceful Innovative Marketing and Winning Headlines.

Providing Incisive Feedback and Developing Unified Focus.

Delivering Inspirational Presentations Giving Impact to Your Messages.


"Europe’s foremost teacher for success" - BUSINESS AGE

"What Turner preaches he has practiced” - SUNDAY INDEPENDENT


“Providing the ideas, insights and initiatives CEOs really want...

and reliably following them through” 


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